♦ Eiffel scholarship in France

Eiffel scholarship for good students in the fourth year to study dual degrees at the École des Ponts ParisTech and the INSA-Lyon School.

♦ Graduate internship scholarship in France

Internship scholarship and graduation project in France for 6 months.

♦ Partial scholarships of partner French schools

This scholarship is subject to change depending on the academic year.


The scholarship fund named after the late Professor Do Quoc Sam is for full-time students. The scholarships are considered and granted periodically on the first day of enrollment for students of the National University of Civil Engineering who meet the criteria and number of reward criteria, including 01 special scholarship. VND 20 million (VND 20,000,000) and scholarships are usually worth VND 5 million (VND 5,000,000).

♦ Kumho Asiana Scholarship

The scholarship is worth about 2,150,000 VND / 1 semester / 1 student awarded in all 4-5 years of college for first-year students with excellent academic results (with the first test score to the highest university) and children of policy families, in difficult circumstances. Selection is based on the results of direct interviews.

♦ Merali Scholarship

With the financial support of the Shirin Pandju Merali Foundation, the Asian Foundation cooperates with the Education and Development Center to develop the Merali Scholarship Program in Vietnam to support girls who have academic capacity but do not have financial ability to go to university.

♦ CSC Scholarship

The CSC Award was created in order to encourage the movement of learning and scientific research of National University of Civil Engineering students studying in the 2nd to 4th year with excellent academic results and research. The award is given annually on the occasion of the opening ceremony and to one of the best students of the year, about 5000USD . 


MOET has issued a document certifying the Engineer Diploma of Training Program of Excellent Engineers in Vietnam (PFIEV), which is recognized as a Master’s degree Official Letter No. 2297 / BGTĐT-GDĐH  by Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga dated 15.05.2015 sent the Universities, Academies and scientific research institutes are allowed to train doctoral degree, stated: the […]

On the morning of July 18, 2019, the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) in collaboration with the French Institute of the French Embassy in Vietnam co-organized the 2019 Study Abroad Forum in Hanoi. Attending the Forum, on the side of the French Embassy in Vietnam were: Mr. Bastien PALERMO-CHEVILLARD – In charge of university […]