Programme de Formation d’Ingénieurs d’Excellence au Vietnam (PFIEV)

1. General introduction  

2. Training objectives  

3. Specialized training   

4. Training program   

5. Conditions of study   

6. Degree   

7. Scholarships and study abroad 

8. Employment   

9. Admission criteria    

10. Photos of PFIEV activities

1. General introduction 

The Training Program of Excellence Engineers in Vietnam ( PFIEV ) trains versatile construction engineers with integrated thinking and creative competence to meet leadership and core roles for enterprise agencies in the field of construction. PFIEV program was established in 1999 under an educational cooperation agreement between Vietnam and France. In Vietnam, there are 4 schools under the PFIEV program, including: National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), Hanoi University of Science and Technology, University of Technology – University of Danang and University of Technology – Vietnam National University. Ho Chi Minh.   

In order for PFIEV to operate effectively and in the right direction, a large group of French universities and also a partner of PFIEV was established to advise the program including: National School of Bridges and Roads Paris, Institute Lyon National School of Applied Sciences, Paris Central School, Grenoble National Polytechnic Institute, National Poitiers University of Aerospace Engineering and Technology, National University of Electrical, Electronics, Informatics and Marine Engineering force and telecommunications Toulouse, National Telecommunications University of Bretagne and Lycée Louis le Grand School.

2. Training objectives 

Training of versatile engineers, capable of integrated thinking and creative competence.

3. Specialized training 

   – Transport Infrastructure (Road and Bridge construction engineer)

   – Urban Engineering (urban planning and management engineer)

   – Hydraulic Engineering (engineers constructing marine – petroleum projects, coastal constructions, ports – waterway, irrigation – hydroelectric projects).

   – Construction Materials (Engineer of Construction Materials Technology).

4. Training program 

5-year training program, built on solid foundation of basic science knowledge (first 2 years) and specialized knowledge (3 years later) in which experimental and experimental modules accounting for a significant percentage. The modules connected with the enterprises (internships, site visits, inviting business staff as guest lecturers) are interested in the training program. The modules on business management and technical projects make the program more complete.

Phase 1 (first 2 years) : general subjects (general knowledge) 

Partner : Lycée Louis le Grand 

Phase 2 (3 years later) : specialized and specialized basic subjects. 

+ Infrastructure transport (Infrastructure de Transport)

Partner : École des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC). 

+ Urban engineering (Ingénierie Urbaine).

Partner : Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA de Lyon) 

+ Hydraulic Engineering (Ingénierie Hydraulique).

Partner : École Centrale Paris (ECP). 

+ Construction Materials (Matériaux de construction).

Partner : École des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC). 

Foreign Language: Foreign language is very focused in the PFIEV program, after 5 years of study, students can use both foreign languages ​​fluently: French (DELF B1 or equivalent TCF) and English (TOEFL 500 or TOEIC) 600 or IELTS 6.0).

5. Conditions of study 

   – The French Government has sponsored the construction of high-quality laboratories for PFIEV-NUCE including : Computing room, Materials laboratories, Chemistry laboratories, Physics laboratories, reading rooms – Associations draft with many foreign books and documents. 

   – Since 2008, the Ministry of Education and Training has invested and provided funding for the construction of Electronic – Electrical and Technical laboratories, Multifunctional computing room (Multimedia).

  – All students receive free French enhancement in the first 3 years at NUCE to achieve DELF B1 level.

6. Degree 

The PFIEV Degree issued by the National University of Civil Engineering and its partner schools. Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI) and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam confirm that the PFIEV Degree is equivalent to a master’s degree (Official Letter No. 2297, dated 15 / 5/2015 – Ministry of Education and Training). Moreover, the PFIEV Degree is also recognized throughout Europe and North America .   

7. Scholarships and study abroad 

   – There are many opportunities for postgraduate scholarships in France and other French countries after graduating from NUCE due to the internationally recognized high-quality engineering degree. The average number of PFIEV students studying abroad is 25% over the years. 

   – Annual scholarships to France for 6 months to practice and do graduation projects.

   – Every year, there are Eiffel scholarships for good students in the 4th year to study in parallel with the École des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC).

8. Employment 

   – PFIEV-NUCE graduates have many opportunities to work at domestic and foreign companies due to their good basic knowledge, wide professional knowledge and proficiency in foreign languages ​​(English, French). PFIEV engineers can undertake many areas of basic construction in accordance with the French engineering philosophy.

   – Since 2015, the PFIEV qualification has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training as equivalent to a master’s degree, so PFIEV engineers have the advantage when applying for jobs at domestic businesses.

   – According to the statistics in October 2017, students of class 57 PFIEV-NUCE (graduated in June 2017) have jobs and study abroad at 96%.

9. Enrollment targets for 2018 

Selection of 100 students admitted to NUCE in groups of Math, Physics, Chemistry or Math, Physics, Foreign Languages ​​(English or French) ; Based on student admission results and expectations. The first two years of study follow a common curriculum and then classify it into the following categories: Transport Infrastructure, Urban Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Construction Materials. 

10. Operation image of PFIEV-NUCE 

Le ky niem 15 nam 2014

     15th Anniversary of Training Program of Excellence Engineers in Vietnam, October 2014

Thu truong BV Ga trao ky niem chuong 2014

 Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga awarded the medal ” For the cause of education” to French professors  much contribution to PFIEV, October 2014

Copy of Copy of 0001

CTI and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam confirm that the PFIEV diploma is equivalent to a master’s degree

Pont khai mac 2017

Students participate in the bridge model creation contest , May 2017 

Sinh vien PFIEV du trai he 2017

PFIEV students attend the excellent student summer camp at Do Son – Hai Phong 2017

Vu Manh Trung Hieu, CSC 2016 1

Vu Manh Trung Hieu, 58CLC1 (PFIEV) – won the CSC Award – the best student of NUCE in 2016

valued at USD 5,200 (equivalent to VND 120 million)  

Hop CTI 2016

CTI meeting at National University of Civil Engineering, 3/2016

Bao ve Hoi dong Phap Viet CSHTGT 2016

PFIEV students protect and graduate before Vietnam-France Council, 6/2016

Khai mac 1

PFIEV annual student soccer tournament – 2017 

Copy of ban to chuc 1

Image of Soirée Francophone, 5/2017

Copy of Khai mac 2

Opening French Club of NUCE, October 2017

20-year Celebration of the PFIEV, 11/2019