Hai Phong City Planning Institute recruits (4/2022)

1. Recruitment position:
– Architect planning
– Engineer (preferably urban engineer)
2. Quantity to be recruited:
– 03 Architects
– 03 Engineers
3. Requirements:
– Good health, age from 22-40 years old;
– Required qualifications: University graduate.
– Have a level of English and Office Informatics
– Serious at work, responsible, agile, enthusiastic, long-term commitment, accept the mobilization and work assignment of the agency’s leaders.
4. Rights and obligations after being recruited:
– Working by the hour
– Full benefits as prescribed by law for employees;
– Support to eat shift;
– When officially recruited, they are entitled to salary and other benefits according to the regulations of the agency.
– Other rights and obligations are performed in accordance with the Labor Code.
5. Dossier includes:
– Application form: Birth certificate (copy) or household registration book photo, ID card (notarized copy), curriculum vitae, university diploma, health certificate…
– 4×6 photo taken within the last 6 months.
6. Submit application:
– At the office: No. 34, Ly Tu Trong Street, Hoang Van Thu Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City
– For more information, please contact: Tel 02253.842,396 – Mobile: 0385.321.976 VND