Meeting and talking about Career Orientation for Urban Engineering students

On Saturday morning, December 10, 2016, the Urban Engineering major under the Board of Management and Training of Excellent Engineers, National University of Civil Engineering (PFIEV-EGC) held a talking about “Career Orientation for Urban Engineering students”. The speaker is an infrastructure engineer, MSc. Nguyen Van Binh and Dr. Architects. Luong Thi Ngoc Huyen from CONINCO Company – Ministry of Construction. The meeting had the participation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai – Head of Urban Engineering major (PFIEV-EGC), Dr. Tong Ngoc Tu – Deputy Head of Urban Planning Department, Mr. Lai Thi Ngoc Diep – Department of Urban Planning and Economic Cooperation and all students of the 57 and 58 classes majoring of Urban Engineering major.

Engineer Nguyen Van Binh shared his experience during his study and practical work. Formerly a student majoring in Infrastructure Engineering at the Hanoi University of Architecture, Mr. Binh has excellent academic achievements, winning the second prize of Loa Thanh (2006) with the topic “Solutions to prevent flooding for Hoi An city”. Mr. Binh actively researched and learned more from specialized books, boldly discussed with teachers and leading experts. Therefore, according to him, the knowledge developed from the Graduation Project has helped him a lot in his future work. He believes that “the knowledge learned from the school is of classical theoretical nature, which is the basis for doing professions in practice”. Therefore, when students are still in school, they should not waste time, disregarding the subjects in classes. If an engineer has good theoretical knowledge, he will easily grasp the job in general and it is not too difficult to explore and expand more in-depth knowledge for the job. .

Nguyen Van Binh sua

MSc. Nguyen Van Binh – CONINCO shares job orientation for Urban engineering students 

After graduation, Mr. Binh has actively participated in many jobs, from design, construction, to supervision and now he is both a project manager and a business owner. He doesn’t think he should worry too much about which job is right for him, or what kind of job he should choose before he graduates. Because all jobs are related and complementary to each other. For example, if a person is good at design, it will be easy to handle construction engineering situations and vice versa, someone with construction experience will choose a more effective and practical design solution. However, according to him, if you choose to be a design consultant first, you will have more advantages because this job is highly specialized and technical, it is like a transitional step between learned theory and construction practice. construction.

Luong Thi Ngoc Huyen sua

Dr. Luong Thi Ngoc Huyen – CONINCO company shares learning and employment orientation for PFIEV students

In general, Mr. Binh believes that Urban Engineering or Infrastructure Engineering is a good, integrated and increasingly important field in urban construction in Vietnam and in the world. Infrastructure Engineers, in addition to knowledge of technical infrastructure (water supply, drainage, electricity, …) need to add knowledge about construction structures to help handle technical infrastructure works. especially, such as manholes, tunnels, etc. He believes that with the advanced French training program, on the basis of industry integration, engineers majoring in Urban Engineering – National University of Civil Engineering will have general and basic knowledge more than this specialized training program in some other schools. The Urban Engineering curriculum designed to get the knowledge of a civil engineer, traffic engineer, infrastructure engineer, planning and even project and policy management. In particular, Mr. Binh was very impressed with the Current Situation Analysis Project and the Urban Project Practice Project. This is a comprehensive industry project spanning 2 semesters (semester 2 of the 4th year and the 1st semester of the 5th year) and involving a wide range of professional fields. These two projects are also the concretization of project implementation in reality (preliminary step in project investment preparation). With this overview training, the Urban students can easily control their jobs that related to project management or urban management in the future.

Discussing recruitment in agencies or companies, he said that he shouldn’t be too worried about his university transcripts. Of course, good study results will evaluate that person has the spirit, attitude to study and the ability to dedicate and be serious for the future work. Therefore, according to him, there will be three criteria to be focused on when recruiting, which are knowledge, skills and working attitude. In which, working attitude is the most appreciated (accounting for about 70%). Therefore, students need to have a sense of building a serious working attitude right from their school days. This is reflected in actively participating in classroom lessons, actively seeking and learning knowledge related to the subject, having a sense of responsibility in group work…

In summary, Mr. Nguyen Van Binh believes that in order to be successful in their career, students need to have enthusiasm, a sense of responsibility, love and believe in the career they choose. Only then can you seriously prepare for a future career plan with the highest effort.