Study tour program for new students – 65 PFIEV

On December 12, 2020, the Board of Management and Training of Excellent Engineers organized a study tour program for the new students 65PFIEV. Participating in the delegation included Dr. Tong Ngoc Tu – Head of Management and Training of Excellent Engineers, MSc. Nguyen Thi Truc Quynh – Deputy Head of Board of Management and Training of Excellent Engineers, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Lam – Head of PFIEV Construction Materials major, MSc. Nguyen Xuan Nghia – Lecturer of PFIEV Urban Engineering major, M.A Do Linh Chi – Secretary of the PFIEV Students Union, teachers and all students of the 65PFIEV class.

As part of the annual activity plan to create the most favorable conditions for the new PFIEV students to have direct contact with actual construction works/projects, contact with construction enterprises right from the beginning. The first day helps them have an overview of the field of Construction Engineering in general, and high-quality training majors in particular, thereby helping them better understand the field of study, inspiring and career passion for better study motivation.

The study tour program includes a visit to Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area – Gia Lam – Hanoi and the steel structure factory of BMB Steel Joint Stock Company (BMB&A – Enterprise signed a cooperation agreement). MOU with the University of Civil Engineering and the PFIEV Board).

The first stop is Vinhomes Ocean Park – City of the sea, which is modernly planned according to the model of an area in a high-class Singapore urban area with the bold idea of ​​”bringing the sea and lake back to the heart of the city”. With a total area of ​​420ha, low construction density of 19%, Green area, water surface: 117ha (water surface area: 55ha, including 6.1ha saltwater lake and lake, central big lake 24.5ha) with the white sand stretches along the lakeside and the green coconut groves give the urban area a comfortable quality of life like a coastal resort (60 high-rise apartment buildings, more than 2000 villas, shopoffice, school system, etc.) schools, commercial centers, amusement parks).

Total land use area and overall perspective of Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area

Here, students can visit construction works such as apartment buildings, 45-storey tower Vinfast is under construction, villas, Shophouse, streets and technical infrastructure, urban landscape…

Mr. Tong Ngoc Tu, on behalf of the teachers, gave an overview of the urban area, the criteria of land use planning, architectural space-landscape; Relevance of the Industry, specialized in high quality training in the process of urban construction (Construction Engineering, Urban Engineering, Transport Infrastructure, Irrigation-hydrology, Building materials used for construction, etc.) roads and for works).

The teachers and 65PFIEV students took a commemorative photo in the Urban Area

Study tour and take photos at the central square of Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area

Next, the delegation visited the factory of BMB Company – one of the factories specializing in the field of design, processing and erection of steel structures (especially pre-engineered steel buildings) for many projects. (projects) such as: Industrial buildings, shipyards, international airports, commercial centers, cement factories, warehouses, factories, steel mills and many standard steel structure works international. The company currently has 4 operating factories, of which 2 are located in Binh Duong and 2 are located in Hung Yen province. The company’s scope of activities is wide with 70% market share coming from countries in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar…) with the number one in terms of design, production, construction. construction of pre-engineered steel buildings.

Mr. Cao Canh Tung – North Branch Manager of BMB & A Company introduced the factory, manufacturing process, construction and erection of steel structure

Students listen attentively to the presentation about the operating mechanism of the factory’s machines

Study tour group took souvenir photos at BMB & A Factory, My Hao, Hung Yen

Teachers and students have vibrant cultural exchanges on the streets

On the way back, the group stopped to visit the famous gold-plated Phuc Lam Pagoda in La Mat village, Phu Ung commune, An Thi district, Hung Yen province, then returned to Hanoi to end the trip.

The meaningful study tour has left many good impressions in the subconscious of high-quality students, aroused the passion of future construction engineers, ready to study well to master any technologies in the construction field in the new era.